Leveraging AI in health insurance

Figuring out how your health plan works isn’t always easy. As a result, consumers are more likely to delay or avoid care. Humana and IBM Watson Health are teaming up to address this issue with a collaboration that will leverage AI. The service will be available to all of Humana’s 1.3 million Employer Group medical members.

XLerateHealth’s 2021 cohort

Applications are open for XLerateHealth’s 2021 cohort, which will run virtually this year. The deadline for applications for the Louisville bootcamp, which will run Aug. 11-Oct. 28, is May 28. You can find out more and apply here.

Space Tango’s important work

As interest in space renews thanks to the Perseverance Rover, eyes turn to Space Tango, a Kentucky company that accelerates innovation in space with automated R&D and manufacturing to create a better future for humanity. Space Tango’s latest goal is to leverage microgravity to improve upon layer-by-layer deposition to produce the first protein-based artificial retina.

GE offers Kosher-certified appliances

GE Appliances, in partnership with ZMAN Technologies, is now offering ovens and refrigerators that are 100% Kosher-certified. This means an override of the usual everyday electrical operation of the appliance, making it compliant with the rules of Jewish law during Shabbos and Yom Tov.

Venture Connectors’ virtual lunch: Funding

At Venture Connectors’ virtual lunch tomorrow, the topic is funding. Join in as SparkToro’s founder talks about nontraditional funding. The program is from noon to 1pm, with networking afterward. Click here for more information.