Aperity acquired

Financial Information Technologies, LLC has acquired Aperity, a data management and analytic provider for the beverage alcohol industry. Aperity‘s Beverage Data Exchange facilitates business insights between supply chain partners.

Render Capital’s 2020

Render Capital is a $15 million investment fund committed to increasing the access to capital for businesses within Louisville and Southern Indiana. They take a look at what they’ve done in 2020, a decidedly difficult year.

Customized datasets

Shaip (formerly known as Healthly.ai) has launched an industry-agnostic AI training data platform called ShaipCloudTM. that transforms unstructured text, image, speech, and video data into customized datasets used to train AI and machine learning algorithms.

Air pollution and blood vessel health

Researchers at the University of Louisville have shown that living near an abundance of green vegetation can offset the negative effects of air pollution on blood vessel health. The research was led by Aruni Bhatnagar, Ph.D., professor of medicine and director of the UofL Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute.