An App for the visually impaired

GoodMaps, formerly Access Explorer, has released an accessible wayfinding app designed primarily for people who are blind or visually impaired. Indoor navigation technology has historically been inaccurate and relied on expensive, burdensome infrastructure. GoodMaps Explore draws upon camera-based positioning (CPS) that uses sensors and a device’s camera to achieve superior accuracy.

Growth for healthcare supply analytics company

HANDLE, a healthcare supply chain analytics company based in Norton Commons, has pledged to spend $7.8 million on an expansion that will create 80 new jobs. The new jobs will pay an average hourly wage, including benefits, of $49 an hour. Governor Andy Beshear praised HANDLE for its part in combating the effects of COVID by working closely with health care providers to meet drastically increasing demand for supply chain analytics.

Louisville PR agency recognized by Forbes

Forbes has kicked off a new ranking of America’s Best PR Agencies in 2021. Louisville firm Guthrie/Mayes Public Relations has made the list. Dan Hartlage, principal at the firm, attributes much of its success to increasing use of video production.

Koligo tests new therapy for treating COVID-19

Earlier this month, Koligo Therapeutics Inc., which develops cell-therapy technologies using a patient’s own cells, was acquired by Orgenesis, Inc. Now the company, which was founded by two UofL alumni, will test a new therapy for effectiveness in treating COVID-19.

UofL in heart failure study

The University of Louisville participated in a multicenter study for reversing heart failure using an LVAD (left ventricular assist device). Among the findings: The sustainability of heart recovery was 90% at one year after the LVAD removal and 77% at two and three years. The patients participating in the study were in the terminal stage of heart failure.