Image by Sebastián Faune from Pixabay

Louisville company Virtual Peaker, Waukesha, Wisconsin’s Generac are teaming up to help make public utilities more cost effected and ecologically sound. The companies have inked a licensing deal to collaborate on tech that improves the way utilities manage energy storage via the cloud.

Virtual Peaker makes technology that works with smart energy devices in the home – stuff like residential battery systems, thermostats, water heaters, circuit breakers and heat pumps. When customers grant a utility permission, the technology manages energy use during peak hours, bringing costs down for the utility and, in turn, the consumer. Read our April interview with Virtual Peaker founder and CEO William Burke to learn more about the company.

Generac made its name in generators and pressure washers, but has branched into clean energy with its PWRcell battery storage system that harnesses solar power.

The new agreement gives Virtual Peaker access to the PWRcell systems, meaning customers of both companies can take advantage of the technology. Initial implementation of the systems is rolling out now in Vermont and Maine, where utility customers enjoy credits based on the amount of power saved.