The American economy faces many challenges but two of its most urgent problems are a shortage of tech workers and the devastating impact of COVID-19. But Louisville is taking a proactive approach to address those challenges and Forbes recently recognized that approach in an article titled What Can We Learn From Louisville About Equitable Economic Recovery?

To gain some insights into how cities are dealing with the twin challenges, Forbes reporter Alison Griffin interviewed Humana senior VP Roger Cude about Louisville’s Future of Work Initiative. Cude says the initiative is about wanting “Louisville to be the city of choice for people seeking a career in data sciences — a place where we can tap people’s skills and passion to shape the future of healthcare and business across all industries.”

The Future of Work Initiative is one effort to alleviate the problem by making it easier for unemployed and underemployed workers to shore up their skills. Since April 15, 5,620 people have signed up to learn more about the program.

Companies are desperate for tech workers, not only to develop a tech talent pool but to develop one that mirrors the population they serve.