Want another reason to regret your misspent youth?

Here are the winners of the The Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs‘ annual professional business-pitch competition among teams of high school students. Three teams came out on top, winning cash prizes to continue their innovative ventures.

First Place – Pathfinder, an app similar to Waze but specific to colleges and universities, allows users to request companions, quickly call for help, and report happenings across campus.

Second Place – Personalized Responsive Emergency Safety System (PRESS), a customizable bracelet design that is tailored to children with allergies, enabling them to contact family members and emergency services quickly, with the press of a button, in the event of an emergency or allergic reaction.

Third Place – Zense, an alarm clock that wakes users up slowly, eliminating harsh alarm sounds and replacing them with aromatherapy and noises that steadily increase in volume.

You can click here to see the names of the high school students behind the ideas.