Brewery Roundup: Floyd County Brewing expands beer garden (again); AtG releases A Beer; and more

Within just over a year, Floyd County Brewing Company has expanded its beer garden for the third time.

The brewery, which last November added a wood-fired pizza oven as an addition to its outpost taproom known as the Grain Haus (which opened last spring), unveiled a massive expansion to the beer garden, directly south of the property, just last week.

The result is a multilevel effect starting with a back deck attached to the main restaurant, which overlooks the original beer garden that connects the restaurant with the Grain Haus. That space is now being called the patio, and it partially overlooks the new beer garden and stage.

Just above the new beer garden, which is about 100 feet by 50 feet, is a rail that overlooks the garden for standing or sitting on bar stools provided. The lower level features a newly built 26-foot-by-15-foot stage that was constructed around a pair of trees.

“That took some creative construction,” said Floyd County Brewing owner Brian Hampton in a video announcement posted on Facebook.

Table seating takes the form of six Bavarian-style beer garden tables with benches, while a tree canopy that covers at least half the space not only offers shade but also ambiance.

“It’s literally like an enchanted forest,” Hampton added.

Floyd County Brewing's beer bus

The brewery’s trademark bus, normally parked on the street in front of the business, will now be part of the beer garden, serving beer during certain events. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

The new area also has been walled with more than 60 linear feet of boulders that were positioned to serve as wraparound seating. Imagine a giant sectional couch that’s made of rock, and you’re in the ballpark.

Hampton said the boulder seating was full much of the weekend.

“I wasn’t sure how it was going to work,” Hampton told Insider, “but everyone really liked it.”

Riley’s Lawncare and Excavating did most of the landscaping, Hampton said, but several other contractors worked on excavating and constructing the new space as well. He said the brewery invested about $50,000 in the addition.

This past weekend was the first the new beer garden was open, and Hampton said it culminated in what was by far a record week for Floyd County Brewing.

He said he also has purchased other houses to the south of the property, and the one nearest the beer garden will be converted into a restroom facility, as well as storage. Portable toilets currently in the beer garden are temporary, he said.

In addition, the brewery’s signature beer bus will be pouring beer on especially busy nights to help the Grain Haus bartenders and to lessen the beer lines. Point-of-sale terminals are being added to increase expediency.

Other future additions will include a pair of 8-foot-long linear fire pits for cooler weather, games and more seating options. The beer garden also is designed to have two points of entry, which will make it easier for special events, bands who want to charge admission and private events.

“Definitely, by Harvest (Homecoming, in October), we should be able out there to handle 200 or 300 people,” Hampton said.

Against the Grain releases A Beer … again
Can of Against the Grain's A Beer

This is A Beer, not A Beer. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

Against the Grain Brewery has released a new product called, simply, A Beer. No, it’s not that beer. This A Beer is a new A Beer.

Let’s start over.

A couple of years ago, the brewery released A Beer in the form of an American pale ale, in a patriotic can featuring a dude with a big beard. It was easy-drinking, mildly hop-forward, and listed in descriptions as being somewhere between a pale ale and a session IPA. That beer is no longer A Beer.

A Beer now is an American premium lager-style brew, a more flavorful and high-quality version of the backyard beers you grew up watching your dad drink. The can is still patriotic, but this time it’s by way of a disgruntled-looking lady in a USA helmet and an eagle.

Anyway, it’s 4.5% alcohol by volume, so given it’s about the same level of intoxicating as a big-label light beer, you may as well add quality if you’re going for quantity this summer.

Also …

Speaking of new cans, Monnik Beer Co. is releasing Hauck’s Pilsner in cans, and a can release celebration will happen Monday, June 10, at The Limbo, 411 W. Chestnut St. Previously, the beer was only available on draft. …

On June 21, Akasha Brewing Co. will play host to Summer Solstice Festival. The event will feature a full day of new beer releases (to be announced later), local guest brews and live music from the Tunesmiths, Acquainted Strangers, Richard Powell and DJ Clay Baker …

Logan Street Market recently launched a new website that included information about Wild Hops, the forthcoming on-site brewery. The site named Maggie Bray, an assistant brewer at Gordon Biersch Brewery and Restaurant downtown, as head brewer.