Va Va Vixens tip their hats to Prince with ‘Va Va ReVolutionary’

A scene of the Va Va Vixens in rehearsal

The Va Va Vixens will take on Prince this weekend. | Photo by Joe Mays

It’s not shocking that the music of Prince pairs well with the art form of burlesque, as both are sultry, energetic and extremely titillating. So while it may not be astonishing that Louisville’s beloved burlesque troupe known as the Va Va Vixens are taking on Prince’s immense catalog, this doesn’t mean the precocious performers don’t have surprises hidden in their knickers.

“Va Va ReVolutionary” — held this weekend only, June 6-8 — will feature more than 30 of the pop star’s greatest hits, along with some more obscure tunes, brought to life by 20 capable Vixens who dabble in dangerous circus performances, variety acts, comedy, singing and striptease.

Lisa Frye, the Vixens’ producer and manager, tells Insider that not only will the artists perform to Prince’s music, but some of them will even be dressed like him.

Va Va Vixens performing

She’s got the look. | Photo by Joe Mays

“The costumes are all inspired by different looks Prince adorned,” she says. “He was the master of fashion.”

Frye has been a Prince fan since “1999” came out in 1982, so the idea for a tribute show always has been swirling in her mind. When Prince died in 2016, the Vixens put on an appreciation performance, and now with this weekend’s “Va Va ReVolutionary” they’ve had more time to work out the routines and outfits to become even more in sync with the artist.

In order to select the songs in the show, Frye hosted a listening party with the Vixens where she played nearly 100 options. What they came up with was good mix of well-known tunes and B-sides.

“There are a lot of hits, yes, but I really wanted to showcase some of the tracks that aren’t as known, as well as some that have been released from the vault since his passing,” she explains.

We put Frye on the spot and asked her for her favorite Prince song.

“Gosh, I can’t imagine picking one song right now,” she admits. “There are over 30 albums of incredible tracks … But if I had to pick one right this second, I would have to choose ‘Moonbeam Levels.’ It has been stuck in my head all day!”

“Va Va ReVolutionary” runs Thursday through Saturday, June 6-8, at 7 p.m. at Art Sanctuary, 1433 S. Shelby St. Tickets are $30 for general admission.