In Other News … ‘College GameDay’ in town for Louisville vs. Clemson, Kristen Bell with Atria residents during Irma, Lawrence shares Flying Axes with Fallon

Lamar Jackson | Courtesy of UofL Athletics

Flying High Again: Your University of Louisville fighting football Cardinals defeated the Tar Heels of North Carolina last week, 47-35, says USA Today.

This week, your No. 14 Cardinals take on the No. 3 Tigers of Clemson, and this could be a tough one. It’s the game of the week in all of college athletics, so christened by “ESPN College GameDay” coming to town.

U.S. News & World Report and Sporting News say the key matchup is Lamar Jackson versus pretty much everybody. Clemson picked up 11 sacks against Auburn last week, so it may actually be a fair fight there.

In his first two games, Mr. Jackson has averaged 505 total yards, picked up eight touchdowns and has yet to yield a turnover.

Bleacher Report quotes Clemson coach Dabo Swinney:

“He’s fun to watch, but he’s not fun to prepare for, he’s not fun to play against. He makes a lot of people look bad.”

SB Nation’s analysis says “Clemson’s still Clemson, and Lamar Jackson’s still Lamar Jackson.”

So thanks for that. Obvious is still obvious.

You ask me, the real key to the game is Louisville’s defense. Mr. Jackson has put up those stellar numbers his first two times out, and both Purdue and North Carolina have still been in it. That shouldn’t be with those kind of stats.

Clemson is currently a 3.5 point favorite, but SB Nation predicts your Cardinals by 10 — Louisville 38, Clemson 28. is going the other way. They predict Clemson to win and cover the spread. Same with the staff of USA Today; they unanimously pick the Tigers. And ESPN says until Florida State or Louisville can prove otherwise, Clemson is the ACC top dog and the top conference contender.

Which is what Saturday is for. The Washington Post says the winner is likely on the inside track for the ACC title.

Once again, Heisman talk swirls around Lamar Jackson, but Sports Illustrated casts doubt he can repeat, saying the quarterback will not only be facing down other candidates but competing against his own Heisman season from last year.

Which is a bit of an odd phenomenon. When most analysts are talking about one man, Mr. Jackson, taking on the toughest defense in the country in the Tigers, and they’re saying that’s a fair fight with only a slight advantage going to 11 guys to your one, I’d say that’s a Heisman contender. Anything otherwise and you’ve just been too spoiled by how good he is.

We’ll find out tomorrow. Game time is at 8 p.m., right here at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. If you can’t make it down, ABC is carrying.

Kristen Bell and John, YouTube

Heart of the Storm: As Hurricane Irma tore through Florida earlier this week, “Frozen” and “The Good Place” star Kristen Bell made the most of it, says TIME, USA Today, HuffPost, The Weather Channel and the loathed E!

While filming in Orlando, the storm left Ms. Bell stranded in the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, alongside seniors from neighboring nursing homes and other stranded guests. She posted on Instagram, “We are gonna make lemonade outta Irma as best we can,” as she dined with guests, performed songs from “Frozen,” called a night of bingo and anything else she could think of to keep spirits high.

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Dining with all my new friends! #irma #hurricaneirma #squad

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And here she is with John on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”:

One of those involved is Atria, whose Senior Living support center is headquartered in Louisville with three communities here: Springdale, Stonybrook and St. Matthews. It’s no small task to relocate 600 or so seniors from their homes to the Disney resort — that’s going to take a lot of coordination and effort — and leadership from Louisville traveled to Florida to help set up the command center there. Atria also chartered a bus for 20 relief staffers to help embedded staff and help get everybody back home.

NPR reports Hurricane Irma was the longest-lasting powerful hurricane or typhoon ever recorded worldwide. CBS News reports the cleanup from Hurricane Irma will take weeks; the recovery will take months. The death toll is currently at 69 and almost 7 million people are without power.

CNN has some resources we can use to help Irma victims. As does The New York Times and Today.

Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon, YouTube

Axe to Grind: Jennifer Lawrence was on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” this week promoting her latest film “mother!” and challenged Mr. Fallon to an axe-throwing contest, says The Hollywood Reporter, HuffPost, Entertainment Weekly and The Wrap. Like you do.

Seems she visited Louisville’s Flying Axes with one of her brothers not long ago and she really took to it. Flying Axes opened on Clay Street in NuLu earlier this year, and it’s pretty much what you’d think it might be — a place you can go to throw axes.

She mentions them around the 5:45 mark:

And here’s the challenge:

Your winner: Jimmy Fallon. She hit the target on all three attempts; she just couldn’t get the axe to stick, leaving Mr. Fallon with 12 unanswered points.

Flying Axes co-owner Mike Brown recalls Ms. Lawrence doing an amazing job during her visit:

“When she was here, she was throwing awesome, nailing bullseyes, the whole bit. Could be the axes …  I like to think it was the guidance of Taryn, of our coach/assistant manager.”

I’ll find out next week — I’m headed over to chat and maybe throw an axe or two. I’ll let you know how it goes. Also, I had about 78 tips to this story this week, so this combination of Jennifer Lawrence and axe-throwing piqued the imagination, it seems. I’ll shout out to Mera for being the early-bird tipster.

Meanwhile, that “mother!” movie opens tonight and reviews are coming in. The New York Times calls it “a divine comedy, dressed as a psychological thriller”; Rolling Stone says it will “make your head explode”; Forbes says it’s the year’s “craziest film”; HuffPost says it’s “far wilder than you can possibly imagine”; and USA Today says it “births an insane piece of audacious art.”

Rotten Tomatoes reveals an interesting split in opinion. It’s getting 74 percent positive marks from critics but only 52 percent from audiences.

See you next week.

This post has been updated with more information on Atria’s operations.