Girls Rock Louisville gets new digs in Smoketown

The Ben Carter Law Offices are located at 900 S. Shelby St. | Courtesy of Girls Rock Louisville

Last week, Girls Rock Louisville executive director Carrie Neumayer shared the good news on Facebook that the nonprofit had finally secured a home base as well as some nearby storage space in Smoketown.

Thanks to fundraising efforts and attorney Ben Carter, who provided the discounted space in his law office building at 900 S. Shelby St., Girls Rock now has room and resources to grow.

Neumayer tells Insider that previously, the organization’s five committees met regularly at coffee shops, restaurants, bars, homes and other offices to plan its yearly programming — which includes a summer camp for girls and gender non-conforming youth to learn rock ‘n’ roll — but there became a need to have one centrally located office.

“Our programming has expanded beyond our primary summer camp program, and so have our music equipment, supplies, files and need for space,” she says. “GRL stuff slowly started to overtake several rooms in my home, and it became clear we needed a change.”

Last spring, GRL tried out a pilot after-school program for Western Middle School and will continue to offer after-school programming for other JCPS schools as well as facilitate collaborations with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Louisville. They’re also planning to add an adult Ladies Rock event in the fall and start a podcast.

Girls Rock Louisville helps girls and gender non-conforming youth learn music. | Courtesy of Girls Rock Louisville

So along with the group’s successful fundraising events, Neumayer says, they were able to rent some storage space in OK Storage for the music equipment and join other community groups and businesses within the Ben Carter Law Offices, organizations like Rhythm Science Sound, Summerbridge, Hope by Hope, Vectortone and Attica Scott.

“I knew I wanted to work with Ben Carter, because he’s been a longtime friend of the organization and his amazing building in Smoketown houses other folks whose work is geared toward community building, youth work and the arts,” says Neumayer. “It’s always seemed like a space full of positive energy and folks we’d love to get to know better and collaborate with.”

GRL still plans to conduct most of its events in other venues, like schools, community centers and libraries, but the new office space will allow them to host meetings, volunteer trainings and small workshops.

“Having these spaces is a huge step for the organization, and I couldn’t be happier or more grateful that it’s happening,” says Neumayer.

If you’re curious about the Ladies Rock Camp mentioned above, GRL is currently accepting applications for those 21 and over interested in learning rock ‘n’ roll. No prior experience is needed, and the camp is slated for Oct. 5-8. Check out the application online.