Monnik Beer Co.’s sibling brewery, Beer Engine, is closing

Beer Engine will say farewell to its customers with a party on April 28. | Courtesy Beer Engine

Monnik Beer Co.’s sibling brewery, Beer Engine, will close at the end of April.

Owner Brian Holton said the owner of the property decided not to renew the Danville brewery’s lease. The brewery, which opened in February 2011, has shared the building with the owner’s business and other businesses.

Holton said he has decided not to reopen in a different Danville location so as to focus more on Monnik.

“It’s run its course,” Holton told Insider. “I haven’t lived down there in a while. Managing a business 100 miles away has a lot of challenges.”

Special beers will be tapped for the farewell party. | Courtesy Beer Engine

The brewery won’t just disappear, however, as a farewell party is planned for Sunday, April 28, the final day the business will open to the public. A few special guest brews will be tapped, and Holton said a pale ale called Farewell Ale will roll out in mid-April as part of the sendoff.

The special guest taps, Holton said, will come from a stock of beers that have been cellared at Monnik. He hasn’t decided which of the beers he will tap.

He credits Danville for making Monnik possible in many ways – for starters, it was his foray into running a business. In addition, he teamed up with Monnik business partner Ian Luijk to get Beer Engine open, with Luijk making tables and the bar top. Finally, Monnik head brewer Scott Hand was a Beer Engine regular, became a friend and ultimately was offered the job in Louisville.

Holton is ready to move on but admits there is a bittersweet element to the brewery’s closing.

“I met a lot of great people there, made a lot of friends,” he said, adding that he has memories of kids running around in the space and memories of renovating it with the help of friends.

“It’s kind of sad to walk away from all that, but eight years was a good run,” Holton said. “I’m proud of what it was. It did what it needed to do and it helped me to dabble in business and helped me create and grow Monnik. Monnik would not be here without Beer Engine.”