Caufield’s Halloween Parade marches through the Highlands on Friday, Oct. 10


Tired of gawking at the same old hipsters in skinny jeans, kids with skateboards and sorority girls celebrating a bachelorette party along Bardstown Road? Friday night you’ll get to see a whole new crew of folks ascend upon the Highlands — and they all may not be entirely human. The 11th annual Caufield’s Halloween Parade will stroll down the Baxter/Bardstown corridor beginning at 7 p.m.

5The parade will start at the Baxter Avenue Morgue and progress toward the Mid-City Mall.

There are 83 entrants this year, which should make for a solid hour or so of catching candy from creeping cadavers, waving at werewolves and gawking at ghosts. This year’s sponsors include Caufield’s Novelty, Yum! Brands and the various bars and restaurants along the parade route.

The family-friendly free event should get you in the Halloween spirit, unless you are truly soulless, in which case you should probably jump in and be a part of the parade.

Spectators and specters are encouraged to bring a canned good to give to the Dare to Care float as it passes by.