Louisville movers and shakers named to lead Mayor Fischer’s Vision Louisville Focus teams

Mayor Greg Fischer

Today Mayor Greg Fischer launched Phase II of Vision Louisville by introducing his Focus Team chairs and vice chairs.

It’s a pretty impressive list of Louisville movers and shakers.

It’s a pretty long list of community movers and shakers.

The city website describes Vision Louisville as a “community process to guide the future look, feel and flow of Louisville in the next 25 years.” The process is being led by Community Chairs Matthew Barzun and Maria Gerwing Hampton.

Phase I of the project was the “visioning” portion, which examined what’s happening in other cities.  The topics for the seven Focus Teams were determined in Phase I.

Phase II will consist of 100 public meetings, town halls and online forums led by these Focus Teams and their members.

Maria Gerwing Hampton

Fischer is asking Louisville residents to get involved in Vision Louisville. He’s asking citizens to sign up to be a member of one or more of the Focus Teams, host public meetings, attend meetings and/or engage in online forums. You can sign up or offer other ways to help at  www.visionlouisville.com. People can also connect with Vision Louisville on Twitter at @VisionLville or on Facebook at VisionLouisville.

If your sense of civic engagement doesn’t compel you to volunteer, it seems like signing up for a team might also be an incredible networking opportunity.

Here are the teams and the chairs and vice chairs:

Economy Team: Capitalize on existing strengths in Louisville and in the region, emphasizing job creation and growth.

  • Chair – Scott Casey, UPS
  • Vice Chair – Heather Howell, Rooibee Red Tea
  • Vice Chair – Craig Richard, Greater Louisville Inc.
  • Vice Chair – Louis Straub, Chase
  • Vice Chair – Campbell Brown, Brown-Forman
  • Vice Chair – Pat Mulloy, Senior Care Corporation

Energy Team: Make Louisville a more sustainable city, by controlling current consumption trends and guiding a shift in resource usage.

  • Chair – Cliff Ashburner, Wyatt Tarrant & Combs
  • Vice Chair – Dan Hofmann, RegenEn Solar LLC
  • Vice Chair – Robert Kingsolver, Bellarmine University
  • Vice Chair – Mahendra Sunkara, University of Louisville

Connectivity Team: Improve the overall connectivity through parks, transit, and bike/pedestrian networks.

  • Chair – Sherry Conner, Mayor, City of Shively
  • Vice Chair – Mohammad Nouri, Concepts 21
  • Vice Chair – Brandon Coan, Attorney

Creativity Team: Support the creative core of Louisville, including arts, culture, education, and entrepreneurship.

  • Chair – Nat Irvin, University of Louisville
  • Vice Chair – Jo Haas, Kentucky Science Center
  • Vice Chair – JK McKnight, AC Entertainment
  • Vice Chair – Leisa Shultz, Archdiocese of Louisville
  • Vice Chair – Don Wenzel, Chase
  • Vice Chair – Steve Wilson, 21c Museum Hotel
  • Vice Chair – Mary Gwen Wheeler, 55,000 Degrees
  • Vice Chair – Michael Raisor, JCPS

Health Team: Incorporate healthy lifestyles into the future growth agenda.

  • Chair – Dr. Louis Heuser, The Heuser Clinic
  • Vice Chair – Gabriela Alcade, Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky
  • Vice Chair – Dr. Sandra Brooks, Norton Healthcare
  • Vice Chair – Tim Marcum, Baptist Health Louisville

Living Team: Improve Louisville’s quality of place, focusing on housing, neighborhoods and districts.

  • Chair – Cathe Dykstra, Family Scholar House
  • Vice Chair – David Hardy, CBRE Louisville
  • Vice Chair – Patrick Piuma, Urban Design Studios
  • Vice Chair – Chuck Kavanaugh, Home Builders Association of Louisville
  • Vice Chair – Vince Jarboe, State Farm
  • Vice Chair – Jennie Jean Davidson, Network Center for Community Change

Identity Team: Establish, organize and capitalize on the shared identity of Louisville.

  • Chair – John Birnsteel, Doe Anderson
  • Vice Chair – Keith Runyon
  • Vice Chair – Ceci Conway, Ceci Conway Consulting
  • Vice Chair – Rebecca Weis, Stites & Harbison
  • Vice Chair – Robert DeLeon, DeLeon & Primmer Architecture