Con Huevos expands original location in Clifton, will add cocktails soon

The original Con Huevos recently reopened after an expansion build out. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

When Jesus and Izmene Martinez opened Con Huevos about four years ago in Clifton, the goal was always to expand. Jesus said the plan, assuming the Mexican breakfast and brunch concept worked, was to open two to three more locations in the first five years.

Since then, one Con Huevos has been added in Holiday Manor, but the planned-for growth continued recently with the expansion of the original location on Frankfort Avenue. Originally, the restaurant was about 700 square feet, with dining capacity for about 25 people, meaning finding a seat during busy times could be difficult, if not impossible.

But after closing for several weeks, an expanded version is now open, with the Martinezes having added the space next door, just west on Frankfort, which was Thomas Florist and Gifts. The expansion, which Jesus said was about a $400,000 investment, increased the size of the restaurant to 2,500 square feet with capacity for about 76 people.

The seating capacity in the new space has roughly tripled. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

The original restaurant space has been integrated into the larger design and still contains seating, while the order station has been made larger and is now central. The look and feel are similar to the Holiday Manor location, with orange bench seating along one wall, decorative tile floors, drop lighting and a bar with seating.

A mural of sorts adorns the back wall, brown with a maze of words like “Gracias,” “bebidas” (beverages) and “comienza” (to begin). A handful of flat-screen TVs show various programming.

Izmene says the menu will remain the same for the time being, with a focus on dishes containing eggs, along with tacos and tortas for lunch, but a few additional dishes and rotating specials are in the planning.

In addition, Con Huevos soon will offer beer and cocktails, including mimosas and “Bloody Marias,” the Mexican version of the bloody mary made with tequila.

“Pretty much, we are just waiting for the permits to arrive,” Jesus said, noting they expect cocktails to be available in two or three weeks.

And that planned growth is just now getting started, he added, noting that he and Izmene “have a couple of projects in hand.”

If the growth didn’t come as early as planned, it’s about to pick up steam. He indicated that in the next two or three months, more announcements regarding Con Huevos’ growth will come.

“We’re taking our time to learn,” Jesus said. “We need to do it right and set it up for success.”