Jake Payne Watch bites the dust after confidential agreement

Jake Payne Watch has been taken down after both sides in a law suit over the site reached a settlement.

Daniel Canon, attorney for PageOne Kentucky/’Ville Voice blogger Jacob Payne, acknowledged Jake Payne Watch  website has been taken down under a settlement, the terms of which Canon called “confidential.”

An agreed order was filed Tuesday morning in Jefferson Circuit Court, with the suit dismissed with prejudice.

That is, it can’t be resurrected later in the courts.

Last April, Payne sued the anonymous  blogger or bloggers (will we ever know???) who created Jake Payne Watch, a parody of Payne’s hyper-aggressive blogging style, then threatened to release “bombshell revelations” about Payne.

The suit asked Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Barry Willett to unmask the person or people behind Jake Payne Watch.

Payne and Canon argued the site was defamatory after the creator or creators posted allegations that Payne essentially had extorted political figures by criticizing them until they advertised on his websites.

Representing the Jake Payne Watch creator(s), attorney Ben Carter filed a motion to quash in early May. At the time, Carter told Insider Louisville:

The issue will be whether Jake’s case has enough merit to justify trampling on someone’s right to speak anonymously on the Internet. My client or clients are comfortable with what they said on the website. They’re confident a jury would understand our story if it ever comes to telling it.

Just what happened in the intervening weeks is a mystery, and all we know is,  as of Monday night, all that remained of Jake Payne Watch was this message:  Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at watchingjake.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

More when we can see the documents in Willett’s courtroom.

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