Belle of Louisville hosts Moonlight Beer Cruise on Saturday

Picture this, but at night. | Courtesy of Belle of Louisville

Many of us aren’t blessed with friends who own boats. Trust me, I’ve been trying for years to score an invitation to the Party Cove, a weekly private affair that takes place somewhere along the Ohio River and involves a cluster of boats all tied together with beer and tunes flowing like the falls.

But on Saturday, the esteemed Belle of Louisville is stepping up to the party plate and offering anyone 21 and over a Craft Beer Moonlight Cruise featuring five local and regional breweries — and it doesn’t matter who you know or how you cuff your jeans.

Monnik’s beer will be aboard the Belle. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

The ship sets sail from 10-11:30 p.m., and the $21 admission fee includes 10 drink tickets. Each brewery is bringing along two of their finest brews, so basically you can spend two tickets at each to sample them all. (There also will be a cash bar.)

And no moonlight cruise is complete without music, so there will be tunes from the bluegrass-heavy Blue Diamond Band.

Tickets are currently available for the Craft Beer Cruise, which runs on Saturday, Aug. 12. Below are the participating breweries along with the two beers they’re tapping on board.