Cancelled: Goodwood Chili Cook-Off heats it up at Flanagan’s on Sunday

Goodwood beer and chili sound like a match made in heaven. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

Goodwood beer and chili sounds like a match made in heaven. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

Editor’s note: This event has since been cancelled due to lack of entries. No contestants, no chili.

Each January, Flanagan’s Ale House hosts a chili cook-off amongst regulars who swear their chili is better than yours. While teams hustle their chili and profess its likeness to liquid gold, patrons of Flanagan’s merely sample the afternoon away — for free — eventually placing a vote for their favorite.

This year, it’s been changed up just a bit. Goodwood Brewing Co. has stepped up as a sponsor, and participants are now required to make their chili with Goodwood beer.

But for us, who are only there to eat for free, we get the benefit of drinking the delicious brew alongside the chili for a mere $3 a pint during the Goodwood Chili Cook-Off, which starts at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 10.

Is yours better than mine?

Is yours better than mine?

For anyone who’d like to enter chili in the competition, there is still time. A $20 entry fee includes a T-shirt, and you must make a minimum of 6 quarts of red chili only.

First place wins $100; second place wins a Flanagan’s gift card and a six-pack of Goodwood beer; and third place gets the same, albeit a lower amount on the gift card.

Go hard, or go home without a prize.