Forge Quarterly Event: Lessons learned from entrepreneurs who took risks

Distilled-Spirits-EpicenterBy Charles Buddeke, “Chief Organizer” of Forge

It’s that time again! Join Forge for another awesome event this Wednesday, Oct. 23 at 5:30 p.m. A panel featuring some of Louisville’s most notable entrepreneurs will be moderated by former Executive Director of the EnterpriseCorp, Bobby Ferreri.  Ferreri will host Terry Goertz, John Williamson, and Eric Littleton, who will share some of the biggest challenges in their careers as entrepreneurs and the lessons they learned.

The goal behind the event is to begin a shift in Louisville’s culture. As a city, we need more people going out and taking the risk to start a business.

Make no mistake, it is very difficult to create a successful business, but even if you do not succeed, it is an awesome learning experience and it’s not the end of the world. You can come back and achieve success in whatever you decide to take on.

These panelists prove that.

From the eventbrite:

Starting a business is really, really hard, and ideally, entrepreneurs should learn from each other’s successes and mistakes. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen in the real world. To make this conversation happen, Forge assembled a panel of experienced entrepreneurs in our own backyard, so we can learn from them and what they have taken away from their ventures. Join panelists Terry Goertz, John Williamson, and Eric Littleton as they discuss the lessons they learned. Awesome stories guaranteed.

Details: Forge Quarterly Event: Lessons Learned is this Wed., Oct. 23 at the Distilled Spirits Epicenter, 809 S. 8th St. The event starts at 5:30 and the panel will begin at 6:00. As usual, Falls City Beer is provided.