Six Vogt Award winners to receive $25,000 and mentorship

Vogt Awards 2017 | Photo by @louisvillemayor

Six startup companies received $25,000 and 12 weeks of mentorship and education from the annual Vogt Awards on Wednesday morning.

The Community Foundation of Louisville and GLI’s EnterpriseCorp are partners in the program, which was founded in 1999 through the Vogt Invention and Innovation Fund, a fund established by inventor and philanthropist Henry Vogt Heuser.

The winning companies are:

Eidolon: Eidolon has created Casper, the “smoke detector detector” for vacant properties. Casper is a device that listens for smoke alarms in a vacant home and contacts authorities. It was created during one of Louisville’s civic data hackathons. Eidolon has completed a six-month pilot program with the city.

HeXalayer: This company is working on creating a better lithium-ion battery that uses a new material that improves battery capacity by 400 percent with 15 times less weight for the unit battery cell.

Lokator Pitching Acadamy: Vision technology for the iPhone has made possible a patented strike-zone system for baseball and softball pitchers that is used for instruction, evaluation and predictive analysis.

Meta Construction Technologies: Their technology, BlackTop, is basically an Uber for asphalt trucks. Contractors can schedule trucks on-demand and track their movements.

RCM Brain: RCM Brain helps health care providers bill insurers more accurately and gain more revenue. The subscription software service also will help speed up claims.

WeatherCheck: WeatherCheck is a software-as-a-service company for property owners and managers. It monitors the weather at individual residences and alerts owners or managers if there is potentially weather-related damage to the property.

“We had a record number of applicants for this year’s program,” said Ellie Puckett, commercialization director for EnterpriseCorp, in a news release. “Out of 64 companies, we feel that these six early-stage startups are developing the most scalable business models through innovative, technology-based products. We are looking forward to accelerating their growth even faster over the next several weeks.”

Previous winners have gone on to considerable success, including Inscope Medical Supplies, MailHaven and Fresh Fry.

The program will culminate with a demo day in November where the companies will present to potential investors during Global Entrepreneurship Week.