Maple Madness: Goodwood taproom sports tabletops from two NCAA championships

This taproom at Goodwood Brewing has a unique, basketball-related surprise. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

If there’s a perfectly appropriate place in Louisville to enjoy a beer while watching March Madness play out, it might be Goodwood Brewing Co.

The recently opened auxiliary bar, which often is used for live music but also has a few flatscreen TVs, sports a basketball-themed feature in the form of several tables topped with sections of floors used in a pair of NCAA Championships.

Goodwood President Ted Mitzlaff says he acquired the floor sections, made of maple, in roughly four-by-eight-foot pieces several years ago following a promotion by Northwestern Mutual in which smaller segments were autographed by the winning coaches and sold, with benefits to Kosair Children’s Hospital.

Tabletop made with part of the floor from the 2012 NCAA Championship game. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

Mitzlaff, who has contacts at the financial advising company, says he made a Kosair donation in exchange for what was left of the floors, and the unused flooring had sat ever since at Four Stone Mill & Casework, a Louisville business he owns.

Mitzlaff always knew he wanted to use the floors for something, and when the new taproom was being built out, Mitzlaff says, “I thought, ‘What a great opportunity.’”

A total of 16 tables were made at the mill, eight topped with flooring from the 2012 Men’s NCAA Championship in New Orleans, which the University of Kentucky won, and eight with flooring from the 2013 championship in Atlanta, which the University of Louisville won.

The New Orleans floor has green paint as well as a few black stripes that appear to be from the free-throw line and three-point line. The Atlanta floor from 2013 was painted in shades of dark blue.

Most of the pieces sold were bare wood, so much of the leftover still had the paint. So that people will understand what their beer is sitting on, Mitzlaff had small plaques made and mounted on the edges of the tables to identify them.

He says the response from customers has been “fantastic.”

Table made with a piece of the 2013 NCAA Championship, which UofL won. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

“Lots of people would be sitting there and didn’t realize,” Mitzlaff explains. “They just thought they were sitting at a table with funny colors.”

He says there are a few “scraps” from the floors left at his mill, but “not much.”

The tables bear plaques to identify them. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

Northwest Mutual used some of the floor sections in their Lexington office, and former UofL basketball player Luke Hancock had a desk made from a piece of the Atlanta floor.

Hancock played in that championship game and was named the tournament’s most outstanding player by the NCAA.

Goodwood is preparing to open a new taproom location in Frankfort, and Mitzlaff says six of the New Orleans tables will relocate there, along with two of the Atlanta tables. The rest will remain in Louisville.

“It’s very cool that Louisville and Kentucky happened to win them back to back,” Mitzlaff says.

Goodwood’s Louisville taproom is located at 636 E. Main St. Hours are Monday and Tuesday, 4-9 p.m.; Wednesday and Thursday, 4-10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, noon-11 p.m.; and Sunday noon-6 p.m.

This post has been updated with the correct name of Northwestern Mutual.