A Bigger Louisville Mini Maker Faire returns on Saturday

Rendering of Maker Faire entrance created by USA

Rendering of Maker Faire entrance created by USA Image

Nerds of Louisville, rejoice! It’s your favorite time of year again. For the fourth year in a row, the Louisville Mini Maker Faire is back, and it’s pretty close to not being “mini” any more.

On Saturday, from 11 a.m.-6 p.m., three blocks of Main Street will be shut down and swarmed by all manner of robots, technology, tools and attendees eager to learn more about and participate in the regional maker movement. Last year’s Faire was two blocks long and attracted around 7,000 people.

LVL1‘s ButterScotch “the Fire Pony” — the mechanical horse that shoots fire — will be back, as will “The Device,” the roller coaster that shoots you into the air.

More high school students are in on the game this year. Nerdy Derby, sponsored by Collegiate, returns to allow people to pit their homemade mini race cars against each other. Kentucky Country Day has custom blinky lights and St. X will be showcasing space simulators.

The Faire might not have been a sure thing this year; FirstBuild is the title sponsor. Campbell Boyer, an organizer, said in a release: “The LmMF organizers were concerned how the acquisition by Haier would affect FirstBuild, but their support of Louisville continues to grow. We get texts every day about more stuff they want to add to their booth. Note the tremendous support they are giving their MegaHackathon.”

The J.B. Speed School of Engineering has also come on board as a key sponsor.

Of course, it’s not a fair — or a faire — without food trucks, ice cream, adult beverages and other vendors.

Louisville Makes Games and WarpZone have recruited six video game development groups to exhibit. According to Boyer, “Chickens and Pigs are involved.”

The Kentucky Science Center is working with the Girl Scouts on an interactive exhibit.

As always (we hope), LmMF is free; they will be selling T-shirts for $15.  Signing up for a ticket will make you eligible for a drawing for door prizes.