National Take Your Pet to Work Week: Current360

This is Lacy. She's a one year old Jack Russell terrier who was pretty much born to be a pet model.

This is Lacy. She’s a 1-year-old Jack Russell terrier who was pretty much born to be a pet model. Jerrod Long is her human.

Last year, the fine folks at Current360 discovered a litter of newborn kittens in the alley behind their Bakery Square HQ in Butchertown. Six tiny abandoned kittens. They took care of the kittens and brought them back to health, and all six found forever homes with five members of the Current360 staff.

Social media director Angela Trumbaturi was one of those kind souls. She took home little Charlie, who’s more than a year old now.

No cats at Current360, though. Not since the kittens were first found. But on the day I visited, I met five pups and their owners.

Current360 is ideally laid-out for having dogs hanging around. Bakery Square is literally a square with a brick courtyard in the middle. The dogs can pretty much run around all they want without anyone fearing a puppy will take a runner.

That being said, be careful where you walk in the courtyard. Apparently Nick Ising, the company president, took a Fred Flintstone-level slapstick spill when he slid on untended-to poo.

Nick Ising and Molly

Nick Ising and Molly

Molly is 6 years old. But she looks considerably older with her grey muzzle. Maybe it’s because she has a lot of anxiety. She’s happiest when she’s hanging out with her human, Ising.

photo 2

Rick Shardein and Mona

Mona was the first to greet me when I came through the door, and she seems to be everyone’s buddy. Mona is 7 years old, and she shares an office and home with Current360 CEO Rick Shardein. Shardein started Current360 almost 30 years ago.

photo 3

I took three or four pictures of Luke that were equally as adorable.

Everyone calls Luke “Fox.” Because he looks like a fox. He’s a 1-year-old rescue pup. His human is Donovan Sears, interactive creative director and project manager.

Apologies to Tracey Saelen, who brought her adorable Grant to work the day I visited; however, I neglected to take a picture of the 12-year-old rescue dog.

Current360 has 51 employees and a second smaller office in South Florida. There are two office dogs in South Florida as well.

And now you get a bonus photo of Molly, who is a bit skittish, but you’d never know it from this sweet face…

Molly smiling

Molly smiling