Comfy Cow expands production, sources 90 percent of ingredients from Kentucky

Ribbon cutting at Comfy Cow| Photo by Melissa Chipman

Ribbon cutting at Comfy Cow | Photo by Melissa Chipman

Comfy Cow co-founders Tim and Roy Koons-McGee, along with guests from both city and state government, gathered this morning at a ribbon-cutting for the company’s new standalone production facility. The local ice cream producer and retailer recently placed its gourmet cream in stores like Whole Foods and Kroger and had to ramp up production to meet the demand.

The new facility is located just off Plantside Drive in Jeffersontown.

CEO Don Berg said the company had to make the decision about whether to stay small or scale up, adding that they sailed through the first few phases of business. Berg also said the company recently made the decision to source its dairy from Kentucky farms, which means the Comfy Cow’s products are 90 percent “Kentucky Proud.”

Lt. Gov. Crit Luellen | Photo by Melissa Chipman

Lt. Gov. Crit Luallen, with Tim Koons-McGee, Council President David Tandy and Mayor Greg Fischer in the background. | Photo by Melissa Chipman

Lieutenant Gov. Crit Luallen presented the Koons-McGees with an authentic mint julep cup to commemorate the occasion. She praised their plan to create 40 new jobs in the next 10 years and heralded Kentucky’s low unemployment rate.

Mayor Greg Fischer said, “quality always sells” and tried to find a way to make a comparison between the “gazelle” metaphor for fast-growth companies and cows. Fischer also held up the Comfy Cow as being an excellent company citizen of Louisville.

Several speakers mentioned the fact that the Koons-McGees started the Comfy Cow in the middle of the Great Recession in 2009 in Westport Village. The company now has three more stores in Louisville, a new store planned for Middletown, and franchises in Nashville and Southern Indiana.

Tim Koons-McGee led a tour of the facility. The first large room is dedicated to preparing what goes into the ice cream. At Comfy Cow, all chunks, swirls, pieces and bits are made in-house. So if your ice cream has pecan pie in it, Comfy Cow workers have baked a pecan pie and chopped it up into bits.

Peanut brittle | Photo by Melissa Chipman

Peanut brittle | Photo by Melissa Chipman

The second room is where the ice cream is mixed, frozen and packaged.

The facility is 6,500 square feet and will see an investment of $2 million. The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority has preliminarily approved Comfy Cow for tax incentives up to $350,000 through the Kentucky Business Investment program.

Jeffersontown Mayor Bill Dieruf declared today “Comfy Cow Day.”

Louisville Metro Council President David Tandy said, “Cream rises to the top; premium cream rises faster.”