Matt Davis closes Slice, may sell Lil Cheezers

Slice was an 1980s-themed deli in Old Louisville. | Courtesy of Slice Facebook

Slice was a 1980s-themed deli in Old Louisville. | Courtesy of Slice Facebook

Matt Davis has closed his brick-and-mortar sandwich shop Slice and may be selling Lil Cheezers, a grilled cheese-focused food truck.

Davis opened Slice, a 1980s-themed eatery, at 1161 S. Second St. this summer, and during the past several months, it’s received mixed reviews from diners.

In a Facebook post announcing Slice’s closure, Davis said he wasn’t able to devote the time he wanted to Slice because he had to take on extra work outside of the shop to support his family. The project was underfunded to begin with, he said.

Feeling spread thin and unable to get his landlord to fix problems with the building, Davis decided to call it quits.

In the Facebook post, he detailed numerous reasons the restaurant didn’t work, some related to the business itself and other tied to problems in the Old Louisville neighborhood.

The neighborhood association had many members come in and constantly complain about details that we knew about and were trying to fix. Drug addicts and homeless people constantly accosted us. Stole our tip jar. Begged for free food. Shot up in our bathroom. And banged on our windows when we told them to leave. Our air-conditioning issues caused us to throw away hundreds of dollars in bread a month and made it an uncomfortable environment for customers. The Heath department tried to have us make several modifications that the previous restaurant wasn’t required to have. Electrical issues. The list goes on and on.

Davis apologized if the post sounded like he was “whining” and noted that he was still in the kitchen cooking and exhausted, but wanted to let people know about the closure.

“Slice was plagued with a lot of problems, more than any one person or money could deal with,” Davis said in an interview.

So, Davis said, he’s taking a break from the restaurant industry, no Slice and no Lil Cheezers. In fact, Davis may sell the Lil Cheezers brand, which he’d taken a couple of steps back from while opening Slice.

He told IL that he met a great local guy who is interested in taking Lil Cheezers beyond what it is. He declined to say anything more about the potential deal, saying nothing is set in stone. They are simply having conversations, he said.

Although he isn’t sure what he’ll do down the road, Davis knows what he plans to do in the immediate future.

“I am going to get back to remembering what life is about,” he said, adding that he is 43 years old and has spent his life working long hours, first as a paramedic and then as a business owner. “I’m tired of trading my life for money.”

Davis may be disappearing from the food scene, but fans of the local band Nellie Pearl may see him playing with the band, something he used to do when he had more time on his hands.