Inaugural Louisville Bespoke Fashion Show puts local designs on the runway

Photo courtesy of Louisville Bespoke

The inaugural Louisville Bespoke Fashion Show will bring together a diverse group of designers for a celebration of fashion at the Speed Art Museum on Friday.

Three-time “Project Runway” alum Gunnar Deatherage, the internationally known fashion designer from Louisville; Anchal Project’s Colleen and Maggie Clines; and Sarah Havens of Sarah Havens Millinery are just a few of the local designers whose work will be displayed.

Yamilca Rodriguez founded the Louisville Bespoke initiative as an effort to create a space where local designers can share resources and skills. She immigrated from Venezuela a little more than 20 years ago.

“I’ve been in Louisville for two-and-a-half years and love this city,” she said via email.

For 13 years, Rodriguez worked for Proctor & Gamble, where she led creative design-thinking and problem-solving sessions around the world.

When IL previously reported on Louisville Bespoke, Rodriguez was looking at a Pii (Portland Investment Initiative) building in Portland to open up a workshop for designers with shared resources. Today, she told IL, “I’ve been working on space and I have a few options but nothing confirmed. We could not do Portland because of the expense to get the building where it needed to be.”

The organization plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign on Friday to crowdfund sewing machines for the space.

Louisville Bespoke Fashion Show takes place on Friday, March 24, from 7-10 p.m. The event will be held in the Grand Hall of the Speed Museum. Sponsors include Heaven Hill, Primp Style Lounge, Lavender Hill, Art Eatables, Wiltshire Bakery and La Ruta TV.

Tickets are $35 for general admission or $55 for reserved seating.

The current list of designers and artists is as follows: